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Things to do – Balloon Flight

Tranquil, Romantic, Enthralling and Exciting. Just some of the words used to describe a hot air balloon flight. A great idea for a gift or just a great way to relax, you can fly with a team of highly experienced pilots and crew who will make your experience an unforgettable one, right from your tranquil ascent to a traditional champagne style celebration on landing.

Sunrise is the best time to fly, with conditions clear, cool, calm and stable, enabling you to drift out over the beautiful countryside below. In the evening, only if the air conditions are clear, calm, cool and stable in the evening, with the heat and winds of the day reducing, it is also possible to take a flight. Whatever time you flight, it is sure to be an experience you are unlikely to forget.

Pendle Balloon Company

Pendle Balloon Company was formed in 1994 by Graeme Church, a commercial balloon pilot, instructor and light aeroplane pilot. The company grew over the years, taking over the local Cumbria Balloons in 2006 and High Adventure Balloons in 2008. In 2010, Pendle Balloon Company itself was taken over by a national company named Go Ballooning.

When Go Ballooning ceased operating in 2013, Pendle Balloon Company was relaunched, opting for a more personalised operation and service with an average of six passengers per balloon rather than their competitors larger balloons carrying up to twenty passengers each.

The hot air ballooning experience

A hot air ballooning experience will require 4 hours of your time, whether your flight is at the very start of the day or in the evening. You’ll drive out to the launch site chosen for the wind direction on the flight day and after a detailed flight briefing you can assist the pilot and crew with preparing the balloon for flight.

A balloon launch is so gentle, you hardly believe you’ve left the ground. The peace and tranquillity is as extraordinary as the views. Most flights usually last one hour and some passengers choose to celebrate with champagne on landing.

Gift a flight

Gift vouchers for flights can be bought online for a day-break or evening flight. Pay for the entire flight or a contribution towards a flight. An exclusive charter for two is a truly romantic experience, great as a proposal idea or as a wedding gift the couple won’t forget.


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